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DS Series Driveway ScrapersBrochureManualVideo

After many customer requests Agritek Industries is pleased to announce the release of the DS-120 Driveway Scraper! Specifically requested by Tractor Pulling clubs This, the largest of our Driveway Scraper product family, has all the same unique features of our most popular model, the DS-96. The additional width allows for quick and efficient grading of larger areas and wider drives. Now available for ordering!

The DS-96 Driveway scraper levels gravel & dirt driveways, parking lots and playing area surfaces. The front blades cut down any high spots mixing and moving that material to the wings which catch it then channel it across the full 8 foot width of the back blade filling in any low spots. All DS Series Scrapers attach to a standard 3 pt hookup and offer the following benefits:

  • Removes washboard effect by filling in ruts
  • Reversible 1/2" thick front and rear blades
  • Does not create dips, swells or gouging
  • Rigid for flat surfaces
  • Float mode for contoured surfaces
  • Extra weight can easily be added to center frame
  • Also ideal for two-tracks & weed control in pastures
  • Can also be used for leveling fill & topsoil in landscaping

The DS-72 is the 6 foot wide version of our driveway scraper family. The 6 foot width is perfect for Golf course cart pathways and those looking for a more compact scraper than our popular DS-96. The DS-72 has all the same features of the DS-96 with the added benefit that it may remain hooked up to your tractor while trailering and transporting from location to location. Click the link at the top of the page for a brief video of the DS-72 in action! Now available for ordering!

DS Quick-tatch adapterThe DS quick-tatch adapter easily bolts on to the existing frame of our Driveway Scrapers to provide easy hook-up access for tractors equipped with a class 1 or class 2 quick-attach systems.

This adapter is compatible with many different styles of quick-tatch systems and has several user adjustable points to configure the unit to work with your existing system.

The adapter may also be required for use on larger tractors with class 2 hookups.

Customer Comments:

- This device has manicured our half mile long farm driveway like nothing else we have tried. What an excellent product! D.Shohet 5-14-2014

- 6' DS72: $990.00+s&h
- 8' DS96: $1095.00+s&h
- 10' DS120: $1495.00+s&h
Shipping & Handling(s&h) varies by location
Onsite customer pickup is also available

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