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Retail Products

Agritek's retail products were designed to meet unique needs for the public. These products were the backbone of Agritek when the company was founded and after over 20 years still remain an integral part of our business. Learn more about Agritek's retail products below or navigate to each individual page.

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DS Series Driveway Scrapers

The DS Series Driveway scraper levels gravel & dirt driveways, parking lots and playing area surfaces. The front blades cut down any high spots mixing and moving that material to the wings which catch it then channel it across the full 8 foot width of the back blade filling in any low spots. Learn More...

Wolverine Grape Trellis'

The Agritek/Wolverine Geneva double curtain trellis system is a horizontally divided trellis. It is specifically designed to allow more light into the fruiting zone while, at the same time, increasing the surface area of the canopy. This combination increases yield and enhances uniform ripening. Another added advantage is that fruiting wood is held high off the ground and less susceptible to damage from frost. Learn More...

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