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Agritek Industries is seeking an experienced Engineering manager to join our highly talented and creative team. As our Engineering Manager you will play a key role in the overall success of our organization by planning, managing, and monitoring engineering functions. You will be responsible for overseeing various engineering projects from quotes through the completion of the project. You will be a key member of the company’s management team, manage budgets, timelines, and processes making any necessary adjustments to ensure successful completion.

At Agritek Industries you will work with Tools, Dies, Fixtures, and Special Machines related to Metal Forming, Fabricating, and Machining Industry serving Automotive, Furniture, and Agricultural Industries.

Core Functions

  • Engineering and Project Management
    • Work with the Agritek team to quote or re-quote engineering projects to ensure competitiveness as well as ability to produce profit
    • Define risk scope, material cost and time-cost estimates up front on each project
    • Execute and manage Engineering Projects with the stated goal of meeting or beating the time and material cost goals set at beginning of project
    • Determine, plan, and do timing charts for tasks and due dates and contingencies
  • Ensure machine and fixture design assignments are completed on time, within stated budget goals and function as required
  • Develop and design components for specific projects and production machinery
  • Perform CAD drawings for tools, dies, details, fixtures, gages, and machines
    • Purchasing of parts as required for projects and machinery maintenance
    • Hands on help, guidance, and support on the floor with launches, production processes, and machinery maintenance
  • Review and implement any changes needed for customer revisions on production parts
  • Handle problem tools, dies, details, fixtures, gages, and machines with re-designs or fixes and implement continuous improvements to maintain competitiveness with industry peers
  • Continue education in computer related controls, robotic applications and functions, Gibbs CAM programming, and press controls
  • Lead process improvement activities
  • Customer, Supplier, and Internal Department Relations
    • Research, develop, manage, and rate outside suppliers for strategic risk, cost and intelligence purposes to obtain advantages over our competitors and build value for the company.
  • Network and develop alliances with key suppliers and customers
    • Serve our internal customers: Stamping, Machining, Quality, Welding and Materials Departments comprising our Production Division.
    • Maintain accountability to customers and colleagues for performance that keeps our company successful, profitable and builds future value for our members.
    • Support of the sales manager with distinctly better ideas is necessary and vital. Agritek is a customer solution driven company.
    • Perform CAD concept drawings for sales development.
  • Research and Development
    • Develop strong relations with a network of highly accomplished professionals, “fixers” and creative consultants to maintain our knowledge base and our reputation as a highly respected Engineering driven company.
    • Seek new and better ways to produce end product (continuous process improvement) and maintain best practices

Quality and Administrative Responsibility

  • Perform all documentation and processes requirements to comply with OSHA safety and ISO:9001 quality standards
  • Be a key contributor to the Agritek Management Team
  • Assist with PPAP qualification as needed
  • Maintain meticulously all production parts, project prints and details library with latest revisions
  • Communicate changes and improvements in processes and tooling to team
  • Contribute to Budget and Strategic goals

Key Performance Indicators

Essential 6 Company Goals

  • Culture: Mentor & coach, transparent communication, T.H.I.S Core Values, Celebrate successes and defining moments
  • Quality: No bad products shipped to the customer, rejections, or customer complaints
  • Productivity: Meet or exceed efficiency rates, innovation and talent, understand and use best practices, self-directed & continuous learning
  • Presence: Creative Ideas, defining moments, good attendance, work like an owner
  • Preservation: 5S processes
  • Safety: Work safely, common sense

Job Requirements

  • 4 years college degree or documented equivalent knowledge level
  • 10 years of relevant job experience
  • Ability to work well with people
  • Proven leadership characteristics
  • Proven track record of Integrity
  • Physically and mentally able to handle decision making and workload of long hours
  • Demonstrated high competence in metal working process engineering
  • Experience working with automotive suppliers
  • CAD proficiency
  • Gibbs CAM programming experience a plus
  • Proficiency with project timing charts
  • Innate ability to create

Agritek offers a very autonomous work environment that rewards hard work and outstanding accomplishments

Salary: From $120,000.00 per year

At Agritek we strive for T.H.I.S. (talent, hard work, integrity and service) in the way we treat our employees, customers and suppliers in the achievement of a Christian values work environment.

Agritek Industries offers a wide array of competitive benefits including Medical insurance at no cost to the employee (along with a generous company contribution to the Health Savings account), Vision, Dental, 401(k) matching and 401(k) Profit Sharing, Life insurance, Voluntary Life Insurance, Paid Time Off, Quarterly Bonus, and more!